Who We Are!

Make and Manage is a Bhopal, India based, software company, which provides solution for website building.  We are making websites on divergent subjects and themes.  We are a team working on the concept of providing exclusivity to each project depending on the nature of business and requirements.  We have a team of extreme professionals who have widespread knowledge of maximum work-related technology and platforms. We are already providing our services to multiple clients.

We conceptualize the idea and prepare the layout in such a way that, colors, text styles, structure, images and graphics compliment each other which gives a stunning look to the user interface. We are a group of enthusiasts, focused Software professionals. We welcome our clients’ inputs and suggestions at every step of website building. Clients and software engineers come together, having meetings, exchanging ideas and concepts for the whole framework.

Good services and quality products are the backbone of client and service provider. Once the project is delivered, we provide after-sale services for fixes and fallacy. We also undertake maintenance work and upgrade solutions at very a reasonable price. We take up task on a TAT (turn-around-time) basis and finish our work in a specified timeframe.

Why Hire Us?

  • Passionate Team
  • Accountable Personnel
  • Service Excellence

Our Experience!


Principles of our work









We Make

We design professional customized websites to promote your business at a rapid pace and take it to new heights.

eCommerce Website

If you have an idea for the business, we will help you to realize that dream with eCommerce store/online business. We will provide you a flexible store in which you can add up to N number of products with multiple images per product.

Religious Websites

If you have a faith in your religion why not making an impact on others. To represent your religion and your beliefs you must have a platform to express yourself and print your material.

Informational Websites

Do have a vast knowledge and information to share with the world?
Why not thinking about having a website to make a mark in the crowd.

Personal Website

It is not necessary that company or an organization must have a website. If you are an individual and want to represent yourself and want to attract a particular segment of a market or group then you can also have your own personal website, it may be with your name or represent your kind of work.

Coupon Website

In the era of global marketing and cut-throat competition who does not like to pay less than its original price and to have discounts while shopping. Still people do not like to hold scissors in their hands and waste time looking for price-reducing coupons and promotional codes in daily newspapers.

NonProfits Websites

You have an organization running on no-profit, no-loss basis and doing it for a cause then why not having a website to make reach to the actual community and serve the humanity in a better way.

Our services

  • Web Development
  • Website Maintenance
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Local SEO Services
  • SEO Services
  • Pay Per Click

Web Development

Website Maintanence

Social Media Marketing